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As a Nurse and Massage Therapist, Sue is committed to raising awareness , not only about her therapies but also about Lymphoedema and its management.

This condition is the result of a damaged or ineffective lymphatic system.  It can be present at birth, develop at puberty or anytime after due to a variety of causes. Trauma, infection, immobility, venous insufficiency, surgery, cancer and its treatments may affect lymphatic drainage. When the system is damaged lymph fluid backlogs in the tissues causing swelling. In time this can lead to overlying skin changing to become more delicate and at risk.

Whatever the cause the Four Cornerstones of management remain the same: SKIN CARE, COMPRESSION, M.L.D/S.L.D, EXERCISE. Specialist Clinics throughout the world use this as the basis of Lymphoedema Management.

Training and Continuing Professional Development

CPD is now vital to all health workers, therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, chiropodists.

Complementary and Beauty therapists will benefit from extending their knowledge of the lymphatic system, and learning how to give safe and appropriate advice to their clients.

Sue  delivers high quality teaching sessions on the Lymphatic System.  Lymphoedema and its management, to Practice Teams, tailoring content to their specific needs. This is an excellent way to extend your knowledge-base in the comfort of your own work place.

Talks / Demo's

Most people these days are familiar with the term massage but  the special forms of massage which Sue uses in her work are less well known in the Midlands, although they are widely available in Lo.ndon and in European cities.

Sue is happy to give informal talks to support groups and women's groups. She explains the technique and its benefits in a `user- friendly' manner and demonstrates a typical treatment of  either Lymphatic Drainage Massage or Indian Head Massage.


Sue's Workshops are aimed at anyone who helps in the care of people who wear compression hosiery:

  • Health Care Workers
  • Social Service Carers,
  • Independent Home Carers
  • Nursing Homes and Care Homes


Short Talk, Group Work, Hands on practice, Feedback.


  • Overview of A &P of skin
  • Skin Care :Why? How? When?
  • Hosiery: Why? How? When?
  • Applying Hosiery
  • Removing Hosiery
  •  Care of hosiery
  • Top tips

Session length: 2hrs / negotiable


*Sessions CAN be tailored to a given group's specific training needs.

*Skin Care.  *Hosiery.

 *Lymphatic System/lymphoedema.

These topics can also be covered  in separate sessions lasting approx. 1.5 hrs each.


For details contact Sue.

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