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The Lymphatic System is the body’s defence against infection. Lymph fluid circulates throughout the body supplying nutrients and removing toxins from the tissues. Lymph nodes filter out excess proteins, dead and abnormal cells and bacteria, returning cleansed lymph back into the bloodstream.
 If the system’s drainage routes are blocked or damaged, lymph might accumulate in the tissue causing swelling (oedema).
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)  helps to re-establish balance and flow, thereby reducing swelling.
 MLD is a relaxing therapy using specialised techniques to massage lymph nodes and lymphatic vessels, to improve lymph drainage throughout the body.

MLD is effective for: ✔ lymphoedema ✔ lipoedema ✔ sinus problems ✔ pain relief ✔ constipation ✔ relaxation ✔ puffy eyes ✔ restless legs

 MLD is ideal for sensitive skins because no oils or creams are used and it is very gentle.
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About Sue -as in  FLC leaflet   above:

B.A. Nurse, RN, NMC 78I2276E 1982

Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist:
  LDM Diploma 2001
  IHM Diploma 2003
  MLD Cert.(LeDuc method) 2005 – 2015
  FG-MLD Certificate 2017 +2019

Sue has worked in lymphoedema management since 1998




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OR phone / leave a voicemail message 0182725 11 97
 (Note: No voicemail on my mobile).

Location  = Tamworth, West Midlands, B77...,
= approx. 15miles NE of Birmingham, UK

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Treatment Charges (as from 2021March)

Phone for advice = free.

From FLC leaflet  as above:

Initial Consultation & treatment   =£52
(Full medical history essential)

Subsequent treatments:
30mins  = £27
1 hr   =£47
1 ½ hr   =£60

24hrs notice or 50% fee applies)



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