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WMTmmmm...Welcome to First Lymph Care

...making your lymph system work better.

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First Lymph Care treatments are now available (when Covid-19 restrictions allow).

For COVID19 advice visit:

A)   UK government   and/or  NHS   and/or  LSN (Lymphoedema Support Network)

(Obviously Sue / FLC cannot accept any responsibilty for anything published at these sites or at any external site).

B) First Lymph Care Covid19 policy

+C) Feel free to ask Sue for more specific lymphoedema medical advice.

Keep well and help to keep others well.

From Sue, Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist, First LymphCare

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First Lymph Care leaflet  (NB phone needs PDF viewer app to view this)=
  • What is your lymphatic system?
  • FLC services =
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage - what is it? + its benefits
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Low Level Infra Red Light
  • Deep Oscialltion Therapy
  • About Sue
  • Treatment charges
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About Sue -as in  FLC leaflet   above:

B.A. Nurse, RN, NMC 78I2276E 1982

Lymphoedema Nurse Specialist:
  LDM Diploma 2001
  IHM Diploma 2003
  MLD Cert.(LeDuc method) 2005 – 2015
  FG-MLD Certificate 2017 +2019

Sue has worked in lymphoedema management since 1998




Send an enquiry (via secure link)

OR phone / leave a voicemail message 0182725 11 97
 (Note: No voicemail on my mobile).

Location  = Tamworth, West Midlands, B77...,
= approx. 15miles NE of Birmingham, UK

Feedback Form

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= via
NB Search for First Lymph Care.

Treatment Charges (as from 2021March)

Phone for advice = free.

From FLC leaflet  as above:

Initial Consultation & treatment   =£52
(Full medical history essential)

Subsequent treatments:
30mins  = £27
1 hr   =£47
1 ½ hr   =£60

24hrs notice or 50% fee applies)



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