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Welcome to Wow Computing Home Help (+ see Wow "Map")
Wow! Computing Home Help=I have a passion for
making everyday computing simpler, safer and more useful,
not just for myself but for other people 
- of any age and aptitude - 
so that you can get more out of your computer, and get wowed by what you can do!

This relates to my other passion for  making maths mean more, since both involve helping people learn,
which is a fascinating process and a privilege and satisfaction when we (you as client + I as helper) can get it right.  For many people computing (and even more so maths) brings frustrations and stresses from confusion and lack of confidence, mabe even feeling daft at not being able to make computers do what they want them to do (and even more commonly with maths).  Computers could do so much more for many people, new things or just what you already do but much more efficiently, which means more easily, with far less hassle - if only they knew more of what was possible and then how to do it, or at least try safely (e.g. without risking losing your valuable files or mucking up your computer settings).

Wow! Computing Home Help can boost your computing...

  • whether you're confident or not
    - I'm no way an expert at everything, but I can often help people overcome lack of confidence in learning

  • to help with everyday life or just out of a keen interest

  • by explaining how to do something, especially finding a way to make it make sense for you (e.g. how to think of "folders" and "files" so as not to get mixed up

  • by suggesting programs that can help (e.g. a file manager with two windows to help move your stuff without getting mixed up

  • focussing on your problems with your computer and helping you to find the jargon words to describe the problem so that I (and other techies) realise what exactly you mean

  • by offering patience and insight into how to deal with frustration (as well as stress-relief!) 

  • by diagnosing faults / problems (a forte of mine, not just for computing - thanks to logical and lateral thinking)

  • by working within my limits - I stick to what I can do, including sometimes learning myself how to solve a problem, which is one of my powerful problem-solving skills, but if I know I can't do something, I'll readily admit it.

More Details: sample topics

  • Free advice and tips

  • Windows 10? : to be or not to be?...

  • Find programs + your stuff  quickly and easily - organise your computer to suit you

  • * File management - the universal biggy!
    = Sorting out your files and folders to help avoid stuff getting lost (not so much a computing skill as powers of clear and logical thinking)
    +> ...Including backing up your important stuff offline + online - Don't wait unti you lose something valuable!
    + An alternative File Manager that allows you to list two locations' files side-by-side in 1 window.
    (I'm amazed that Windows Explorer still doesn't offer this easily).

  • Safe shopping / browsing / banking +protect your files
    -Anti-Virus: free ok? +Passwords: good ones + how to remember?!  (or avoid having to)
    -* E.g. Did you know that your bookmarks are vulnerable to hackers? Which is why banks recommend manually typing-in bank account login webpage addresses - but what  a faff!
    After hunting around in vain for a solution to this problem, I've developed my own WowComputing HomeHelp easy-peasy-to-use way of protecting your bookmarks....
    - 3 steps to hiding your network and locking out naughty would-be hackers.
    - Hide your password-typing from key-loggers

  • Alternative easier emailing

  • Tweak your photos to fix or jazz them up.  E.g. See some of my SpecialFX photos

  • Save money
    E.g. free (100% legal, "open-source") alternatives to Microsoft Office Word / Excel / Powerpoint

  • Learn how to help yourself (problem-solving) e.g. how to get help / test out possible solutions

  • Website-design basics

  • Mind-maps (for planning / "brain-shower" ideas {e.g. see link at page top}

And lots more....


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