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Welcome to Wow Maths Tuition

  WoW! Maths tution=

MaMaMeMo passion (read on or see logo ball)
+ 25 varied years as a qualified teacher
+ Special expertise in tailoring tuition to suit your existing maths and how you learn best
...using novel approaches and maths methods
...based on insight into the maths curriculum and especially how we learn, + a keen diagnostic "nose."

My mission is
to make maths mean more (MaMaMeMo),
for more and more people of many ages,
so that they can do maths with a better E.A.R:
more Easily +more Accurately and more Repeatedly
(and to help me develop even more "wowy" ways of teaching maths).


Lakeland Wow!

Picture by
LiveAndLearnWell Stephen,
with thanks to
Lakeland Outdoors Clothes shop,
Staveley, A592
(between near Kendal / Windemere).

Wow! Maths Tuition can help to boost your maths
or your child's maths

  • whether basic or advanced

  • for school or work

  • to get a qualification

  • or for everyday life
    or just for you because you want to

  • maybe to help with your children's homework


  • A-level (and equivalent)

  • GCSE (=years 10, 11)

  • KS3 (=yrs 7,8,9)

  • KS2 (=yrs 4,5)

  • Numeracy exam (e.g. for teaching, nursing or other job)

  • Everyday skills

More Details

Solving your learning equation involves balancing two sides, focusing not just on maths content (knowledge, skills and understanding), but crucially on what I call "learnability". Effective learning needs us to be in the right mood for learning (and teaching).  Perhaps your confidence needs boosting; or maybe lots of maths methods have gone into your head but come out jumbled up; which isn't such a problem if you can judge if a result seems reasonable or not. And other problem-solving skills might well boost your maths performance considerably.  So I diagnose not just strengths and weaknesses of your maths, but also your learning style, and especially what helps things to stick better (which often doesn't get enough attention).

I like to use creative, innovative (wow!) approaches, developed from 25 years of varied teaching and insight, partly because these fire up my teaching as well as inspire learning. Like a juggling starter or mind-reading algebra tricks. Maybe you'll like my multi-purpose Nun's Cross method (with a pizza memory story) to replace about 10 methods. The secret is to find ways that work for you - to make maths make more sense to you, make it stick better for you, and thus make it work better for you.

I focus especially on keystones upon which so much maths rests (such as understanding splits in its various guises: implicit / intuitive proportion as well as obvious fractions, percentages, decimals and what I like to call "rat-i-o"!  And if you've come, like many people, to dread algebra because you've been rushed into mathematical shorthand (like 4x+3=2x+10), I could demystify it for you by showing you that algebra is all about patterns which we can explore without any shorthand, until we're ready for it.

I'm convinced that wow! thinking*= the single most important skill to be gained from school maths,
at least for everyday life,
if not even as well as for A-level / other post-GCSE specialist maths learning.
We need far more emphasis (in maths teaching and learning) on
*clear, logical effective reasoning,
starting with working-out
(e.g. teach "1,2,3" = write: "1) .... 2).... 3)... *and* write words to help *you* think through your working - and check it if the result seems daft - e.g. way too high or low).



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