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   Covid-19 update (2020Dec2) =

In-person WowMaths tution is available


websecOnline live tuition might be available

  • ...probably after some in-person sessions.
  •  Ask Stephen for details.

   Website security =   

websecYou might be concerned that

  • is "not secure" (as warned by your browser)

  •  http:// address, not https://

Rest assured that you are safe here because this site does not require you to enter any personal details, except if you send a message - but this goes via a trusted https:// external service,

(https is vital protection for when entering high-security details such as credit card numbers, or personal privacy information)

You might also worry that redirects to another website (  This is simply because "" is only the website name (like a p.o. box), while the actual website is hosted (stored) at llw.atwebpages...


    MindMaps access =

There are various ways of viewing WowMaths.Uk mindmaps online=

OptionA) jnlp version =best view = as per original
Try the usual double click click (good luck!)
OR download this mindmap version (via right-click "save link as") +jfreeplanviewer.jar
into the same folder on your laptop/desktop computer

(or windows phone??? but doesn't work on android phone?)

then double-click the jnlp mindmap,
which should trigger a freeplane viewer applet asking for your permission to run.

Op2 B) javascript html version = 2nd-best view =simpified list view of the mindmap
=opens direct from this website in the usual simple click way.

OptionC)  On phone, view using mindmap app:

"Freemind Reader" =free but maybe only opens mindmaps direct from a online store (such as Google Drive).

    How to view PDF documents 

There are various ways of viewing PDF documents=

OpA) On desktop computer

Browser (such as Google Chrome) usually opens PDF on it's own (using a built-in  user addon).

OpB) On android phone

Browser does not offer to open PDF, so you will need to install a PDF viewer addon (from Playstore) (such as Google PDF viewer / many alternatives.)



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